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QuiltCon linky party– T -13 days

I’ll be heading off to QuiltCon in just under 2 weeks, and have joined up with the linky party, a virtual meet-n-greet before the Con actually starts!  I wonder if these five random things will be conversation starters?  With my luck I will remember the random things but not be able to put them to a person’s face to save my life.

1.  I consider myself to be from the South, but I have lived up North for almost 20 years (since 1994, with a one-year hiatus).  I’m from Nashville, and it would be hard to convince me that Nashville isn’t totally awesome and the center of the universe.  No matter where I go, I *always* run into someone who knows someone I know from Nashville.

2.  Every quilt I make, I think of my grandfathers.  Both of them.  One helped to make the quilts for his family during the Depression by carding the batting (and listening to the gossip of the womenfolk).  The other one loved quilts and fabric and mourned the loss of elegant and beautiful men’s clothing.  His favorite quilt was made of men’s wool suiting fabric.  It weighs approximately 808 lbs., but he was right about the beautiful fabrics.  I made a quilt for him and my grandmother the year before he passed, and it really cemented my love of making things for people.

3. I think Benedict Cumberbatch is kind of the hotness.  But then, I love nerdy intellectual types.

4. My best beloved asked me out in college when we were sophomores, and I turned him down because, as I told him, “you aren’t ready to date me yet.”  Seven years later, he asked me out again even though we lived in two different states, and saying yes that time was the best thing I ever did.

5. I sometimes dream in Greek and Latin poetry.  I used to teach highschool Latin, and was trained as a Classical archaeologist, and old habits die hard. What can I say? I’m a little obsessed with the Odyssey.

On a related note, I will be giving a demo on behalf of Modern Quilts Unlimited at 2:30 on Thursday, discussing my quilts in the magazine and how I have been inspired to create them.  Quilting and my past as an archaeologist are pretty inseparable, it seems, and my talk will be about how I use ancient sources as inspiration for modern quilts.  Come for the fun of seeing pretty slides, and for some door prizes!  Hope to see you there–drop me a line if you think you’ll make it!

quilter and SAHM
quilter and SAHM

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  1. Have a wonderful trip and hope someone records you or a portion of your talk! Gorgeous picture!

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